Hideo Kojima will ‘keep creating’ for the rest of his life

The creator behind the Metal Gear franchise has revealed he intends to keep creating video games for the rest of his life.

Writing on Twitter, Hideo Kojima thanked fans for the birthday messages—the legendary video game creator turned 52 on August 24, in case you wondered—and made it clear he has no desire to retire.

Thanks everyone, I turned 52 and will keep creating in rest of my life.”

Kojima-san will depart Konami following the completion of Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, following a highly-publicised falling out with the Japanese software publisher.

While exact details remain unknown at this point, these internal problems resulted in Kojima-san’s name being removed from various packaging art, including The Phantom Pain. Despite this, EA’s Peter Moore feels the pair should ‘kiss and make up.’

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