Highlander details revealed

Eidos has divulged what their Highlander project is all about.  The game will be developed by Widescreen Games as for the PS3, 360 and PC game versions.

The actual story is a third-person action adventure that spans over 2000 years, giving you a chance to explore all the biggest facets of history that you didn’t pay attention to in high school. You know. Feudalism, Serfdom, even some critical moments of history are revealed in this game—such as Hindenburg.

As Owen Macleod, the player will journey around the world and be able to battle many immortal foes through the use of a spectacular variety of weapons and natural abilities.

Not only is Widescreen Games promising a historic adventure filled with expansive environments, but also promising around 18 missions excluding additional areas to explore.

We here at PSU definitely think this title will be a hot seller, and will bring you more details as we learn them along the way.

Source: Gamers-Creed