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Hoa Is A Vibrant Puzzle-Platformer Game Coming To PS4 And PS5 In July 2021

PM Studios has taken to the PlayStation Bog to pull the curtains up on Hoa, a new puzzle-platform game heading to PS4 and PS5 in July 2021.

Boasting a hand-painted art style, Hoa see players soaking up a peaceful, relaxing atmosphere while solving exploration-base puzzles. The game casts you as the titular character as you venture through ‘heartwarming environments back to where it all began for her.’

The game begins when Hoa returns to her homeland for the first time after many fairy years of being away. As she presses on, her fairy power breathes life back into the land, and wakes its residents up from their long slumber.

The further Hoa goes, the more friends she makes, and the more she finds out about herself and her homeland. The journey, however, remains mysterious in its purpose, until it ends at the Land of the Spirits – a dreamlike realm where the back-story is finally unveiled.

The PS5 version of Hoa will boast full use of the DualSense controller, with adaptive triggers used for the flight mechanic, which results in the trigger becoming harder to pull as your energy is depleted. Meanwhile, haptic feedback is used to mimic actions and events during the game.

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You can preorder the physical versions PS4 and PS5 versions of Hoa from today, and the limited edition version features a voucher for a digital soundtrack and a postcard with a persona message from Hoa.

[Source – PlayStation Blog]