Holiday Guide: Buying for Trophy Hunters

It’s the Christmas season and gift giving is in the air. And what better way to give the gift that keeps on giving: Trophies, more Trophies, and did I say Trophies?! PSU brings you the buyer’s guide for the Trophy hunter on your Christmas list. Find out what kind of games would make them the most happiness in their quest for the Holy Grail.

The Trophy Hunter:

We start our list off with the basic, run of the mill grunt of the pack. This hunter is neither a specialist, nor a weakling. He will play anything he likes for a Trophy, but is willing to go out of his comfort zone to expand his horizons if a Trophy list looks fun enough. Don’t expect to see many grinding Trophies displayed prominently on his list unless he really, really loves the game. Trophies only extenuate fun, and when it no longer becomes fun then on to the next game he goes.

Game Suggestions: Dungeon Defenders, Final Fantasy 13, Just Cause 2

The Platinum Hunter:

A more dedicated version of the Trophy Hunter. These hunters try and platinum any game they like, although they will not cry and punch walls if they fail. They will go the extra step the Trophy hunters will not go, grinding away boring Trophies if it means seeing that platinum ding on the screen. Granted, they will not play anything as they still have to have some fun with the game. Their love of platinums is what keeps them going when the gas tank is empty of Code Red Mountain Dew, after playing their 1000th match of tedious online multiplayer.

Game Suggestions: Call of Duty: Black Ops 2, Persona 4: The Golden, Far Cry 3

The Series Hunter:

Ah, next on our list is a common breed of hunter that is so specialized sometimes it’s hard to tell the fun from the OCD. She will have proudly on display entire series of games as if they were seasons of Sex in the City or Law and Order. The only thing that makes this hunter happier than finishing a platinum is the announcement of the next game in the series. They will finish a series no matter the cost, even at the expense of many broken controllers, lest their pride be called into question.

Game Suggestions: God of War series, Mass Effect series, Assassin’s Creed series

The Rare Hunter:

Look upon the rarest of the rare, a hunter so determined to tilt with windmills that all else matters not in his mind, couple that with the willpower of a South Korean WoW gamer and you better bring a book if you want to talk to them again in your lifetime. Size does not matter to this breed, as they prefer a small Trophy list full of platinums so hard to achieve that any other breed will haemorrhage at the thought of even attempting half of one of their legendary list. If a game has a platinum achievement rate of less than 5% then expect them to be drawn to them like the Lidless Eye searches for the One Ring.

Game Suggestions: Yakuza series, Star Ocean: The Last Hope, WipEout HD

Perfect Platinum Streak:

Take a little of the Series Hunter, a pinch of the Platinum Hunter, and a dash of OCD, and you get the Perfect Platinum Streak Hunter or PPS. These care not about the game, nor about the rarity, all that matters is their entire list showing a platinum after every game. These are the professionals. If they could get paid to platinum games, they would. The moment the game enters the system the deal is sealed and even through a YLOD that game shall be platinumed. Expect to see these gamers spending just as much time on Trophy sites finding all the tricks to achieving the platinum as much as they spend actually playing the games themselves. Be careful though, as a server shut down will cause grown men to cry…it is not a pretty site.

Game Suggestions: Anything without online play, Saints Row: The Third, Metal Gear Solid series

Trophy Whore:

Yes, you read the name right. This is another kind of gamer that has fallen from the grace of platinum, delving into an addiction-like state of needing to hear the ding of Trophies. How one goes into the joy or despair of Trophy whordom has not been scientifically proven, but the words shame or fun does not exist in their vocabulary anymore. Any game, any place, any time, they do not care as long as they hear the ding constantly. Yes, the addiction might be broken for small periods of time where they actually play a game they enjoy, but that soon fades at the hope of a Hannah Montana 2 being released. Expect to see lots of Disney games on their list as a warning sign they are soon going down a long, dark path of zero standards.

Game Suggestions: Hannah Montana, Mega Mind, NCIS

The Non-Trophy Gamer:

Trophies? What are those? Don’t people just play games for fun? These gamers still believe it is the year 2008, before the age of Trophies was introduced to the world of gamers. They don’t care about Trophies, don’t care about getting them, and if they do have a PSN account it is solely for multiplayer and buying games. Treat the buying habits of this type exactly like the Trophy Hunter, except…you know…without the care for Trophies. However they do make great partners in multiplayer games as long as they are having fun.

Game Suggestions: Grand Theft Auto IV, Disgaea 4, Armored Core V.

There you have it, ladies and gentleman, the 7 major Trophy hunter archetypes. A person could be one or a combination, but either way a Trophy is a Trophy to add to their mantle. Have a Merry Christmas from us at PlayStation Universe and good luck shopping at the retail stores, scouting the bargain bins, or checking out the pawn shops for the perfect game for your friends and loved ones.

Written by – , Japan editor for PlayStation Universe. When not out on the streets of Nagoya wondering why no one is looking for a Yakuza-style showdown, he can be found cracking open the newest RPG to hit the shelves. You can follow him on Twitter or read some of his past musings.