Homefront: The Revolution update and DLC plans include PS4 Pro support


Dambuster Studios has confirmed that Homefront: The Revolution update will introduce support for PS4 Pro and High-Dynamic Range (HDR).

The new patch will allow Homefront The Revolution to be rendered at 1440p and will be upscaled to 4K to afford a greater level of visual fidelity. HDR is also supported for standard PS4 consoles, while the UI and Easter Egg content have benefited from PS4 Pro support too, with the latter rendered at native 4K. 

Meanwhile, the upcoming Homefront The Revolution DLC Beyond the Walls takes place in a brand new location. Here, the takes us out of war-torn Philadelphia and into a new rural environment outside of the city’s walls. Dambuster has also revealed that the story and ending for the final DLC expansion is a revived narrative from the original proposal for Homefront The Revolution during its early development stages, so the studio sees it as coming full circle. 

Finally, there’s the new Trial Mode to take part in, where new players can experience around 2-4 hours of the main campaign up to the point where Benjamin Walker reaches the first Yellow Zone. It also unlocks the online-focused Resistance mode, which includes a full co-op multiplayer and progression system, customisation items, and replayable missions and no hidden costs. It’s also worth remembering that Resistance mode has been updated regularly with new content since launch, so there’s plenty to tuck into here.

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