Horizon Zero Dawn Power Cell location guide


Horizon Zero Dawn Power Cell Location guide points you in the right direction

The Horizon Zero Dawn Ancient Armory quest is definitely something that should be on your radar, as completing it will unlock the Shield Weaver amor, allowing Aloy to be rendered near-invincible for a time while wearing it. You’ll be notified of the quest once you locate five Power Cells. Read our walkthrough below and get Horizon Zero Dawn tips on how to obtain every Power Cell necessary for the quest in chronological order, followed by instructions how to get your hands on the amor itself.

Check out the Horizon Zero Dawn power cell locations.

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Power Cell: Underground Bunker

This can be found while you are playing as Young Aloy in Horizon’s prologue chapter. Head back to the ruins where you obtained the Focus device and retrace your steps through the barracks until you come to a close door down some stairs. Pry the door open and head through the offices to go back upstairs, where you’ll then find a room with a doorway obstructed by rock formations on your right. Use Aloy’s spear to smash through these rocks and grab the Power Cell off the desk.

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Power Cell: All-Mother Temple

You’ll find the next Power Cell during the Womb of the Mountain quest following completion of The Proving. Once you’ve got your equipment and spoke to Matriarch Teersa, head across the hall and to the locked door before you follow her out of the area. Here you’ll find an open ventilation duct; move through it and you can enter the next room and grab the Power Cell from within. Now that you have two of these key items, you can unlock the ancient laboratory where the amor is found. You’ll need to complete the circuit and then unlock the door by overcoming a brief puzzle. The numbers are hours in the day, and correspond to each wheel: From right to left, it reads 3 o’clock, six, nine, and midnight. 

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Power Cell: Maker’s End

This is found in the quest of the same name. You’ll need to scale the F.A.S. building all the way to Faro’s office, which is located near the end of the mission. Scale up the tower at the east side of the office to the top of the skyscraper, where you can grab the Power Cell and then rappel back down. 

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Power Cell: The Grave Hoard

This is located in the Grave Hoard in the mission of the same name. Once you have made your way down into the ruins, Aloy will need to open an electronic lock by resetting three mechanisms allowing you to press forward. After you’ve done this, you can find the Power Cell lying on the ground on the other side.

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Power Cell: GAIA Prime

The final Power Cell is located in the ruins during the mission The Mountain That Fell. Climb down the elevator shaft after speaking with Sylens and rappel down into the ruins. However, instead of heading right as your objective marker points out, turn left and head north. Scale the rubble ahead of you and then move into the blue-lit cave in front of you, where you’ll find the fifth and final Power Cell on a shelf at the back of the room. 

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Unlocking the Armor

Head back to the lab and use the remaining Power Cells to complete the circuit, and then unlock the clamps by setting the dials. Turn them as follows: right, left, top, right, left. This will then unlock the armor for you to collect. Note that this particular amor can’t be equipped with modifications, but it allows Aloy to absorb a huge amount of damage before she takes any damage herself. Needless to say, it’s your best friend for the last few missions of the game, so use it well! 

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