Hot Shots Golf 5 to release in North America/Europe

Since July, the Japanese have been in a state of admiration over the PlayStation 3 exclusive, Hot Shots Golf 5. This title takes a dazzling new approach to the game of golf through eye-catching graphics, uniquely designed courses, and colorful characters. Not to mention it’s superfluity of online fun; however, the title never made its way outside of Japan.

Not leaving the rest of the world in the dark, SCEA has given the green light to release Hot Shots Golf 5 in North America and Europe. The date is currently set for March 2008, just in time for Spring. Be on the lookout for a PSN download in the near future, before launch of course.

The last title in the series to make way to the North American continent was Hot Shots Golf Fore back in 2004 which saw stellar reviews. In Japan, HSG 5 is received much success on the sales charts with hopes of that translating over to Europe and North America. PSU will bring you more on this title once it becomes available.