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How Many Gods in Smite Are There?

gods in smite

Ever wondered: how many Gods in Smite are there? The straight right answer is 96. These Gods are the characters you can play in Smite. They are immortal and mythological deities taken from primeval legends.

There are 11 Pantheons categories that Gods in Smite belong to. The Pantheons are namely Celtic, Chinese, Egyptian, Greek, Hindu, Japanese, Mayan, Norse, Roman, Slavic and Voodoo. Moreover, the gods are divided into five classes depending on their skills. The five classes are:

  1. Hunters use physical power to increase strength. There 18 Hunter gods.
  2. Guardians use magical powers for attack. Their damage effect is low though they endure damage the most. There are 17 Guardian gods.
  3. Mages are spell casters and also use magical power to cause and survive damage. There are 28 Mages gods.
  4. Warriors are melee bruisers and jack of all trades. There are 15 Warrior gods.
  5. Assassin gods have top mobility and burst damage and can finish a jungle competently. There are 19 Assassin gods.

Gods in Smite are also grouped according to the type of power they use. They either apply Physical or Magical powers to cause damage and defeat enemies. Gods cannot acquire the abilities from items which are not matched with their assigned powers.

You acquire 10 default gods for free when you begin playing. These gods represent each of the class. They are Ares, Artemis, Bellona, Guan Yu, Kukulkan, Neith, Nemesis, Ra, Thor and Ymir. They give you another 5 additional temporary gods in a rotating schedule.

How To Get More Gods in Smite?

To get more Gods, players must:

  1. Spend Favor. Usually, Gods cost about 5,500 Favor but there are cheaper ones like Agni costing 1,250, Cupid costing 1,500 and Hades costing 2,000.
  2. Next, you can also unlock Gods using gems. You can buy each God for a standard price of 20 gems.
  3. Then you can rent Gods for one to 10 days paying 300, 600, or 1,200 respectively.
  4. Earn level-up bonuses.
  5. Finally, you can buy the Ultimate God Pack to own all 96 gods.

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