How online games can help teenagers

The gaming industry, especially its online component, is very popular in the world, including among children and adolescents. In connection with this, many parental bodies and committees find it is the gaming experience that affects the harmful development of the psyche and the growth of crime, completely ignoring all the positive qualities of online games, which are much more than disadvantages.

The benefits of online games

  • Socialization
  • Transferring your emotions and experiences to virtual opponents
  • Money handling training
  • Disclosure of leadership qualities


Socialization is an integral part of online games. There are no players who love online games and who cannot find their place in the gaming universe.

Even those players who do not upgrade on their own, but order a WoW boost – show a level of socialization interacting with managers and professional players.

How is socialization in online games?

There are three scenario options:

  1. You enter the game and start playing completely alone, ignoring the groups, but sooner or later find a support or attack class that fits perfectly with you duo and start pumping together, getting used to each other, which leads to the beginning of a friendship, or perhaps romantic relationship if a guy and a girl play. By the way, this is another plus of online games – some players form pairs and create real families for a seemingly temporary hobby.
  2. You immediately look for like-minded people and play in a guild, or a large group of players, progressing quickly and enjoying it precisely because of playing in communities and companies.
  3. You play alone and stick to this principle. In this case, you will have a main character and many secondary ones, which you will constantly pump, enjoying the farming process itself and refusing all the bonuses of the game world associated with playing in groups. Of course, you can play with random people and go through dungeons in this way, but the chance of failure in such cases increases because you do not know the experience and adequacy of the game of other members of the group.

The game gently pushes the player to the need for socialization and playing in a group, and people who are categorically not suitable for such a format simply gradually leave the project, while gamers with a request for communication but the inability to do this simply gradually master the game, and then transfer skills to the real world.

Transferring your emotions and experiences to virtual opponents

Aggression is one of the most frequent and uncontrollable emotions in teenagers, and contrary to the opinion that games provoke aggression and violence, they contribute to the release of emotions and the projection of anger onto virtual opponents than real people.

The player can simply spend hours destroying monsters in various ways and often especially violent variations are excluded by the game itself, so most acts of violence can be considered a form of therapy, as if you were hitting a punching bag in the gym, or throwing a ball at the wall.

In the player’s world, as well as in the real world, there is responsibility for actions, which affects the revision of life values and positions. By killing other players, you can run into a decisive rebuff and punishment later in the form of the loss of valuable items upon death, and you often have to die in the game and resurrect too.

The format, when the player is not responsible for anything, relaxes, but when he has mined items and materials that were obtained by hard work, this makes him more responsible, which means less likely to fall into emotions from minor situations.

Of course, games serve more as a catalyst for real problems in life, but even some of them are solved simply by transferring attention to a free sandbox with a wide variation of actions.

Money handling training

Few teenagers know how to handle money. There are several reasons for this – parents have little money and the child receives less or does not receive it at all, or vice versa a lot, and then there is often no understanding of the value of money and their earnings.

The game equalizes everyone – each character appears with the same amount of gold and begins his development path.

Development variations are the same as in life – there are hard workers who have gold for equipment of average quality, there are resourceful ones who come up with schemes for earning money, there are hardworking ones who sit day and night in the game and, as a result, get the best equipment, and of course there are those who live for at the expense of others – freeloaders.

Skills earned in the game will be transferred to real life, as they are an integral part of the character. But the main advantage of the game is that you can try out any behavior model that appeals to you and use it on yourself without fear of failure, because it will not affect anything, but success will be a significant breakthrough in the quality of life and money making skills.