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Guide: How To Clean Your PS5

Guide: How To Clean PS5 – Your PlayStation 5 console does a lot for you – it plays all your games, you can watch Netflix on it, hang out with friends through voice chat with it.

Your PS5 does all that and more, but it also needs something from you. All it requires is that you clean your console with at least some consistency, even if that ends up being only once a year.

Giving your PS5 a good clean can be the difference between a long-lasting console and a large, expensive paper weight you now need to replace.

This guide will take you through what you need to do to give your PS5 the clean it deserves.

Let’s get into it.

Guide: How To Clean Your PS5

What You’ll Need

  • A toothbrush, preferably soft bristled
  • A can of compressed air
  • A low-power vacuum with a soft brush attachment
  • A microfiber cloth dipped in isopropyl alcohol

Of course you’ll also need a PS5 console, digital or disc version but that should go without saying.

Getting Started

  • Lay out a towel or soft cloth on which to place your PS5 on a flat surface
  • Turn your PS5 console off and remove all cords, place on chosen workstation
  • Lift the face-plates up and off the console, place them to the side
  • If you’ve never cleaned your console and you’ve had it, say, since launch, you should immediately see dust just about everywhere – get the big pieces first with the vacuum
  • Gently vacuum each side of the console, focusing for a few seconds at a time on the holes in the plastic, purpose-built to make it easier to clean the console
  • Vacuum the side plates as well, and wipe them down with a cloth to finish
  • Take the can of compressed air, and aim it into the console, through the fan grills, and specifically, on the side of the console with the fan, aim the compressed air at the system’s power supply, by aiming it near the bottom half of the console
  • Repeat with the vacuum to catch any pieces you’ve shaken loose. You can also aim the compressed air at the surface of the console on either side, to really get any caked-on dust off
  • For finer details, take the toothbrush to them and brush off any hard to reach dust

Close Up, Or Go Deeper

It’s at this point that you can put your cleaning gear away, re-attach the face plates and plug your console back in. For most people, that’s all you need.

If you clean your PS5 regularly, at this level, then you’re all set to get gaming again. But if that’s not the case, or if you just want to do a deeper clean, that’s still quite simple.

You will need something more however, namely a torx driver with a T8 or T10 security bit. If you don’t know where to find those things, you can get a whole set with everything you need and more here, from IFixIt.

There are other sets of course that’ll have the tools, but IFixIt’s kits are purpose built for electronics, in more ways than you’ll see in your average small tools set.

It’s also a good thing to have a flashlight handy, even if it’s the one on your phone.

Basically, the way to go deeper in your clean, without really risking you accidentally breaking anything is to remove the fan.

  • Begin by removing the black plastic sticker next to the fan to reveal the fan plug
  • Very gently remove the fan plug, as to not rip or tear the cords. Once unplugged, gently move the cord out from under the plastic lip holding it in place
  • Next you need to remove the plastic grill detailing rounding the top of the PS5, simply lift up from on the inside-console side of the plastic to un-clip and remove it
  • Now you’ll have clear view of the four screws you’ll need to remove, be sure to have a nearby place to put them as to not lose any
  • Take out each screw, they’ll be all different sizes so it’ll should be easy to keep them organized based on where they go
  • Life up the vent cover and then gently lift up the fan, do a quick check to see how it’s spinning, and if it’s not spinning freely you’ve got some serious dust to clear
  • Using the can of compressed air, aim the nozzle into the fan to clear out any stuck-on dust and use your toothbrush to give the fins a more detailed clean
  • Looking inside the console, you’ll see part of the heatsink and it’s here that you should also aim the compressed air to get even more dust loose
  • Using your flashlight, look inside towards the bottom of the console to look at your power supply, aim the compressed air at your power supply, and generally up and down the inside of your PS5
  • Once more take the vacuum and clear up any big pieces of dust you’ve knocked loose
  • With your toothbrush, give the heatsink a scrub to clear up any last bit of dust that might still be lingering
  • Finish by wiping a cloth over the entire console to remove as much dust as possible before putting everything back together
  • Your fan, heatsink and power supply being clogged up can all lead to overheating problems, giving them each special focus when cleaning really gives your console a new lease on life

That’s all there is to it. The deeper clean shouldn’t be needed too often, but it’s definitely something you should do with some level of consistency.

Once a year, for example, is a good start. Remember, your PS5 does so much for you, this is the least you can do for it.