How to farm Exotic Engrams with Three of Coins from Xur

You may have noticed when Xur arrived over the weekend that he has a consumable item called ‘The Three of Coins’. If you’re hoping to pick up some sweet Exotics then buy as many of these as possible – they cost seven strange coins each and increase your chances of an exotic drop when beating Ultras.

Now you have the ‘three of coins’ tucked away in your inventory this is what you should do next.

draksis boss battle

– Stock up on heavy ammo synthesis

– Bring a rocket launcher

– Head to Venus, Level 14 Story –Scourge of Winter

– Fight your way to the boss battle at the end against Draksis

– Before you enter the boss ruin pop a ‘three of coins’.

– Defeat Draksis and he may drop one or more Exotic engrams.

– Kill Draksis, but when it’s time to land the final blow, get up close and fire a rocket at him so that you die at the same time.

– You’ll respawn just outside the door. Keep repeating the process for multiple exotics, but make sure you take another ‘three of coins’ consumable before entering the boss lair again.

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