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How To Fix “Unable To Authenticate” Error In Splitgate


How To Fix “Unable To Authenticate” Error In SplitgateHaving fun trying out developer 1047 Games cross between Portal and Halo in Splitgate until you run into an issue around the game being unable to authenticate? This quick guide will help you bypass any issues you may be having on your PS5 or PS4 so you can get back to pulling off those cool looking portal kills.

How To Fix “Unable To Authenticate” Error In Splitgate

Unfortunately, there’s nothing that can exactly be pinpointed as the root cause of the issue, so you might have to go through a couple of different solution methods in order to get everything back on track.

  • Check The Latest Patch Is Downloaded – This may seem like an obvious one, but it is always worth checking because it is the kind of thing that can happen to the best of us, especially if you don’t notice the patch being downloaded, but you start the game anyways, as I have done myself before. Double checking the patch is always worth it.
  • Restart Splitgate/Your Console – This may also seem obvious, but simply restarting either the game, or your console can sometimes just be the quick fix you need to get back to playing.
  • Confirm You Have A Stable Connection – If you’re still having issues, make sure that you have a stable internet connection either through a wired connection to your router or over wi-fi. Sometimes, many issues persist not because of something with the game, but with our own connection service.
  • Check For Downtime – Every game needs to undergo maintenance every now and then, so if you happen to see this error message on your screen then its worth going online to check and see if the Splitgate servers are down for any work 1047 might be doing.

There you have it! Thankfully these solutions are all easy enough that you should have no problem getting back to shooting through portals in no time. It’s also worth mentioning that many of these issues will hopefully be ironed out, after the full version of the game is released.