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How To Get Apex Legends Heirloom Set

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Among the Legendary, Epic and Rare gear that you can unlock in Apex Legends, there’s also a very special Heirloom set for Wraith. This set, which comprises of a Heirloom Banner Pose, Heirloom melee weapon skin, and Heirloom Intro Quip, has been dropping for some players.

How To Get Apex Legends Heirloom

There’s currently only one way to get the Heirloom set in Apex Legends. You’ll need to open Apex Packs. You get one pack for free each time you level up, so check out our Fast XP guide to find out how to get more packs.

Within these packs you get three random items, which can include legendary gear. The bad news is that the probability of you getting the Heirloom weapon set is reported to be very slim.

Here’s the current probabilities list for items in Apex Packs.

  • Rare or better item – 100%
  • Epic of better item – 24.8%
  • Legendary item – 7.4%

Rumor has it (though this isn’t confirmed) that the Heirloom set has less than a 1% drop rate. You could be waiting a long time, so until then, check out the screenshot of what you’re missing.

apex legends heirloom set

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