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How To Properly Look After Your Original PS3 Model, So You Can Preserve Your Games As We Enter A Digital Future

PlayStation YouTuber Mystic has revealed a detailed video on how to properly maintain and preserver your PS3, specifically the ‘fat’ model that offers full PSOne and PS2 backwards compatibility. Naturally, this involves a lot of care and attention on your part, but it’s worth it to preserve the console.

You can check out the video below, alongside a description of what Mystic is hoping to achieve with his detailed breakdown.

Long live the PlayStation 3! Previously I made the case that you should pick up a backwards compatible model, and now I’m gonna show you how to properly maintain one and make sure it stays reliable for years to come.

That will include de-lidding the Cell and RSX, installing a new fan, new power supply (if applicable) new thermal pads, a fan control switch, drilling holes into the case, and general clean up.

Mystic makes a fair point about maintaining the PS3, as these are the original models that were released at launch in 2006 in the US and 2007 in Europe and the UK.

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Sony discontinued them when the Slim and Super Slim PS3s were released, and unfortunately, I can personally say that I’ve had the experience of having my trusty launch 60GB PS3 give up the ghost after many years of loyal service. Sob.

[Source – Mystic on YouTube]