How to use PlayStation VR cinematic mode effectively

PlayStation VR’s cinematic mode is a great feature of Sony’s new virtual reality headset, especially when you understand exactly how it works, and how to use it effectively.

What is PSVR cinematic mode?

You can use PSVR cinematic mode to play normal (non-VR) PS4 games, watch movies and browse the internet in 2D. The main advantage is that you’re getting an upgraded screen size that is way larger than your standard television set – up to a massive 226 inches. It basically feels like you’re in the cinema.

psvr headset

Because the screen is strapped around your head, you also don’t have to sit in one position. The screen will also re-orientate itself, so you can even lie down.

How to set-up cinematic mode?

Just turn your PS4 on, plug in your headset and you’ll immediately be able to view the PS4 menu through the visor in cinematic mode.

PSVR’s cinematic mode offers three screen sizes:

  • 117-inch
  • 163-inch
  • 226-inch

You can change the size of the screens in the settings menu.

Go to Settings > Devices > PlayStation VR > Cinematic Mode

Note: The larger the screen, the worse the quality of the picture. At 226” you’re not going to get Blu-Ray quality images.

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Can I view other virtual reality content?

Thanks to an update to the PS4 media player, you can now view 360-degree videos and photos via USB or your media device, providing that format is supported and it has been captured using specific equipment.

Did you know you don’t even need a TV?

That’s right, you can use cinematic mode with purely a PS4 and the PlayStation VR headset and processing unit. You’re viewing everything through your headset, which acts as a screen, so you can watch films or play games in any room in the house regardless of whether there’s a television there.

How to use cinematic mode on other HDMI devices?

One of the great things about PSVR cinematic mode is that it isn’t restricted to use on the PS4.

Take the HDMI cable that leads from the back of your PS4 to your PSVR processing unit, and plug it into any HDMI display device- that could be an PS3, Xbox One,PC or a selection of many other systems.

You can now play games on other platforms, or watch content on other devices using cinematic mode.