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Hulu Down And Not Working On PS4 Or Xbox One – Fixes Incoming

hulu down not working ps4 xbox one

Reports are flooding in from users of Hulu, the TV and Movie streaming service, that the app is not working on PS4. There's recently been an update, and it appears to be affecting Xbox One users too.

Hulu Down on PS4

The Hulu support site is also down after a flood of users have bombarded it, suggesting that the service may be inaccessible to all users. Some Hulu PS4 users are seing the error: Video not available in this location. Please select something else to watch.

hulu down
Hulu not working on PS4

Hulu PS4 Error Code

The most common error code appears to be: BYA-403-007. Taking a look on Twitter, it's definitely not an isolated problem. Hulu Support have tweeted out and says: We are aware of an ongoing technical issue that is impacting playback this morning. Our teams are investigating this as a high priority, and we will be updating the thread according.

Luckily, we've get plenty of great PS4 games to play! Stay tuned for updates.