‘Hundreds of hours of content’ in PlayStation All-Stars, says SuperBot

The launch of PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale is right around the corner, and so is our review. But until such time as we can share our final thoughts on Sony’s crossover brawler with you, you’ll have to make do with a generous helping of new information, courtesy of Lead Game Designer Seth Killian.

Killian shared new details on PlayStation All-Stars in a comments section of the official PlayStation Blog earlier today, where he responded to fan questions about the game’s modes, characters, and impending DLC. Besides confirming that PlayStation All-Stars will be a Day 1 Digital title with digital pre-order (and relevant goodies) available, Killian mentioned that SuperBot "may have some happy news in the near future" regarding additional characters. Furthermore, Killian clarified that any hypothetical DLC characters would receive the full treatment of the game’s launch roster, including compatibility with the rivalries of Arcade Mode and other challenges. Presumably, this also means that DLC characters will be added – at minimum – in pairs of two.

Finally, Killian had plenty to say on extra modes and content players can expect in the final release. "Beyond arcade mode with intros, endings, and rival cut-scenes for every character and all the multiplayer stuff, All-Stars has tons of interesting challenges and trials," he described. "Certainly it’s hundreds of hours of content there, and a very extensive set of unlocks, from titles, to taunts, to character-specific intro and outro moves, musical themes, badges, etc."

Earlier today, we confirmed that the final boss of PlayStation All-Stars will be long-forgotten mascot Polygon Man.

If you can’t wait to get your hands on PlayStation All-Stars, sound off in the comments below and stay glued to for our impending review.