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Hunt Showdown 4K, 60 FPS PS5 Update Is A While Off According To Crytek

Crytek has revealed that those hoping for a Hunt Showdown 4K, 60 FPS update for PS5 will have to play the waiting game for a while yet.

The studio dropped the news on Reddit in response to a fan who expressed hope that the PS5 would receive an update for Hunt Showdown. Essentially, it will require a lot more work than what people initially assumed.

That is not something that can be just “squeezed in”. A change like that is huge and takes a lot of time. We have said on a few occasions that while we want to do something like that for next gen, it is high on our list of priorities right now so it’s going to be a while before something like that is added.

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The Hunt Showdown update 1.19 patch notes were confirmed earlier today, so be sure to check them out here.