Crytek Hunt Showdown Hunt Showdown update 1.07 News PS4

Hunt Showdown Update 1.07 Patch Notes Unveiled

Developer Crytek has unleashed the full Hunt Showdown update 1.07 patch notes for you to have a butchers at, with the update now available to download for PS4, PC, and Xbox One versions of the game.

Hunt Showdown Update 1.07 Patch Notes

General Updates


  • Fix for crashes.***Developer Note:***With this update we are applying a hotfix which should fix the most frequent reported crashes you have been experiencing. Unfortunately, these crashes are very rare in our testing environment and therefore we cannot be 100% certain yet until we see the results on the live environment.We appreciate your help and cooperation following the instrumented version we implemented during last update, which helped us in narrowing down the cause of the problem.
  • Fixed an issue that caused some assets/textures to not render during missions (invisible walls, stairs, roofs).
  • Fixed a bug that caused concertinas to stream-in very late.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the controller sensitivity (max value) to be too low.


  • Audio may crackle sometimes.
  • Performance drop when entering/exiting dark sight.
  • Black/Red flash before entering Death Screen.
  • Tutorial hints keep showing unless they are disabled in the options menu.