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I Expect You To Die 2 Trailer Confirms Summer 2021 Release And New Locations

Remember I Expect You To Die 2, the PSVR thriller/espionage sequel announced back in March? Well, it’s cropped up again this week, with a new trailer spotlighting some of the locations featured in the game.

Check out the new I Expect You To Die 2 trailer below.

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In addition to giving us another glimpse at the game in action, the trailer also reveals that I Expect You To Die 2 will launch in Summer 2021.

I Expect You To Die 2 plunges gamers back into a world brimming with espionage and uncover antics, with the Agency tasking you with heading deep undercover to thwart the world domination plans of the nefarious Zoraxis organisation. You’ll wield telekinesis powers while exploring all-new locations in this super-sleuth sequel.

The original I Expect You To Die came out back in 2016, and you can read our full review here to get you in the mood for the sequel.