I hate paying for DLC, and you should too

[Editor’s note: The opinions expressed in this article reflect that of the author, not PSU.com as a whole]

Each new generation of videogame hardware invariably brings with it numerous changes in the way we consume content. This latest cycle is no exception, with the most noticeable change being downloadable content. Extra maps, episodes, and even online components take the shape and form of DLC for many games this generation, and chances are many of you have already jumped on the bandwagon.

For example, numerous RPG fans purchased Final Fantasy XIII-2 this year and those who liked the Square Enix title probably finished it. Did they REALLY complete the game though? Not quite, as there’s more to it, thanks to the addition of DLC. Even after the credits roll, there are episodes the player can acquire online featuring the characters Sazh and Lightning. Yes, there’s more Final Fantasy XIII-2 to play!  Yay! However, the bad news is you have to dish out more dough to get it. It’s situations like this that make me absolutely loathe this gen’s concept of DLC and YOU should hate it too. Let me tell you why.

What’s the problem with putting EVERYTHING in the game from day one? All of it, costumes, episodes, and secret bosses should be there. Final Fantasy VII for example had all the weapons, materia, and bosses on those 3 discs. Yes it was three discs, but the PS1 classic was fully there. Final Fantasy X on the PS2 also featured everything out of the box, including extra aeons and side quests.  The PS1 and PS2 generations did fine without the addition of DLC, so what’s so special about this cycle? Yes, developers do typically release update versions of their games featuring all DLC (Game of the Year Edition, etc.) but why not put it all on there in the first release? Why do gamers who want it all have to shell out another $60 or wait on the re-release?

To add DLC, you have to pay for it. That’s right, you just spent $60 on a new game and now you must give up more of that precious green paper if you’re to squeeze more out your purchase. Yes, DLC is optional, but why should you have to buy it? DLC, if there is really a need for it, should be 100% free! It’s part of the game you purchased for crying out loud! I actually believe DLC should be done away with, and that when Mr. Joe Average walks out of Walmart he doesn’t have to go online and buy more parts to Final Fantasy XIII-2. Instead, Joe will have all he wants and even the optional content in hand, even if it means more than one disc in the case.

I firmly believe DLC is bad for gamers; it feels as though the gaming industry is milking the customers of their cash. Milking is bad enough, but what’s worse is they are continuing to pursue this practice in the current economic climate.

I hate DLC. Do you?

Article by Shawnee Lee