Feature Montreal Comic-Con 2012

Image Gallery: Montreal Comic-Con 2012 – Sexy Cosplay & More!

As some of you know—and as we’ve teased on Podcast Derailed—the Montreal Comic-Con just wrapped up this past weekend. Year over year, the show has been displaying gargantuan increases in both size and scope; among some of this year’s most esteemed guests were Sir Patrick Stewart, William Shatner, Will Wheaton, Malcolm McDowell and many, many more.

However, these great guests aren’t the only reason why Montreal’s 2012 Comic-Con was a hit. The show featured some rather great cosplay, varied exhibitor booths, really cool merchandise, and just a great positive vibe in general. Take a look.

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Make sure to check out our Montreal Comic-Con 2012 gallery when you can—there are a ton of photos taken from the show floor in there!