Immortal: Unchained is a new Souls-inspired shooter, watch the announcement trailer

While Sony is absent for this week’s on-going gamescom event in Germany, that hasn’t stopped the platform maker from announcing a new game. Titled "Immortal: Unchained," the game is supposed to be a new "Souls-like" shooter and is being developed by Toadman Interactive (Bloodsports TV, Killing Floor: Calamity).

Over on the PlayStation Blog, Game Designer Sebastian Thorwaldsson talks a bit about Immortal: Unchained, and the studio’s Dark Souls/Demon Souls inspiration.

What is Immortal: Unchained?

Immortal: Unchained is a new game inspired by the Souls-like genre. My colleagues and I are all avid fans of the genre and wanted to make our own unique take on it. So what’s new? Well, it’s set in a pretty crazy futuristic fantasy world, currently collapsing in a cosmic event. You are a living weapon, and your goal is to bring an end to this cataclysm. Also, we chose to make it a shooter, with guns.

According to the studio. guns will play a heavy part in the game, though it’s far from being a reflex shooter. In Unchained, mobility, well-timed dodges are what will keep you alive; which is just like — you know it –the Souls games. Expect to die a lot as well, and you can pick up your dropped bounty where you carcass last bit the dust. 

Unchained will consist of many worlds, which are connected via  complex network known as "The Stream." There’s a brief snippet of gameplay in the video above, too. 

Immortal: Unchained currently has no set release date, but once we do, we’ll be sure to let you know.