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Immortals Of Aveum Explores Combat & Customisation In Action-Packed Trailer

Ascendant Studios has lifted the wraps off a stunning new gameplay trailer for Immortals of Aveum, which takes a look at the game’s adrenaline-pumping combat and extensive customisation options.

Delve into Immortals of Aveum’s spellbinding first-person combat, master all three colors of magic to suit how you want to play, discover how to customize your spellcasting with 25 unique Spells, over 80 Talents, and hundreds of pieces of magical gear, and dive deeper into the epic, story-driven campaign.

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Immortals of Aveum is in development at Ascendant Studios, which is comprised of veteran game designers who have worked on Call of Duty and Dead Space. The game being published by EA Originals, and takes the form of a first-person magic shooter where you control Jak, a Triarch Magnus trust into the midst of the Everwar.

Ascendant Studios originally planned to launch Immortals of Aveum on July 20, but announced last month that the game has been pushed to August 22.