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Immortals of Aveum The Echollector Update Dropping Nov. 16 With New Gear, Lore & New Game+

Ascendant Studios has announced that Immortals of Aveum will receive its The Echolletor Update on November 16 for consoles and PC, bringing with it a host of new content with it including a New Game Plus mode.

Speaking in a press release today, the studio announced that The Echollector Update is the largest update for Immortals of Aveum to date, and will bring the following goodies to the table:

  • New playable content, gear, and lore in the free gameplay content update, “The Echollector”
  • Continue the fight for Aveum with New Game+
  • Brave the new Grand Magnus difficulty and take on foes like never before

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The New Game Plus feature is among the most fan-requested features to be added to the game, and allows you to head through the campaign once more with all your abilities and spells equipped. Here’s the full skinny:

  • Upgrade your Epic and Legendary gear to higher levels with the Forge in NG+
  • Rebalanced enemy health, damage, and abilities
  • Jak carries forward most spells and abilities unlocked in a previous playthrough
    • Augment spells cannot carry forward due to their unlock requirements
  • Adjustments made to experience and currency earned while playing

Meanwhile, the Grand Magnus Difficulty setting offers a brand new challenge for Immortals of Aveum players to tackle, where every fight will test your survival skills to the limit.

Immortals of Aveum was released for PS5, PC, and Xbox Series X/S in August 2023.