In the Spotlight: Elena Fisher

Every leading man needs a suitable female companion, and in the case of wise-cracking hunk Nathan Drake, pretty blonde Elena Fisher fills those shoes admirably. The level-headed yin to Drake’s rambunctious yang, Fisher is the perfect complement to Uncharted’s predominantly bloke-heavy antics, and alongside our cocky hero and long-time chum Victor “Sully” Sullivan, forms the nucleus of the Uncharted family centerpiece. Appearing in both Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune and the stonking sequel Among Thieves, Miss Fisher has proved an integral component in Naughty Dog’s lauded adventure series from both a plot and gameplay perspective, much to our sheer delight.

A journalist by trade, Elena cut her teeth working for numerous tabloids, before finding fame on a reality TV show of unknown description. This ultimately facilitated a move to hosting her own prime time show, bringing the spunky blonde considerable success and giving her an outlet for an already keen interest in archaeology in the process. Despite its popularity with viewers, Fisher’s show still struggles on the budget front, forcing our pint-sized heroine to cut corners by taking on the role of host and producer. It’s through her show that Elena would later go on to meet brash adventurer and future boyfriend, Nathan Drake.

Fisher is an instantly likeable lass—what you see is essentially what you get. Cheerful, inquisitive and tenacious, Elena is your quintessential girl-next-door type; an easy-on-the-eyes beauty who just so happens to do a spiffing job at keeping it together when the brown stuff hits the fan. However, she got more than she bargained for after teaming up with cheeky chappie Drake on his quest for the lost treasure of El Dorado, mixing it up with gun-toting goons, mutated Spaniards and perilous ruins. Things kicked off after Miss Fisher accompanies Drake on a deep-sea dive to locate the casket of Sir Francis Drake, revealing the legendary explorer fabricated his death, leaving behind only a diary in the coffin that laid the bread crumbs on the path to El Dorado. Despite her inexperience in combat, Elena proves to be a dab hand at handling herself, aiding Drake in numerous fire fights against the unscrupulous Atoq Navarro’s armed goons.

Hot on the trail of the lost treasure, the duo finds themselves traversing crumbling forts, jet-skiing through a sunken city, snooping out a lost monastery and braving the dilapidated corridors of an old Nazi submarine base. Unfortunately for our intrepid journalist however, Elena runs into a bit of a pickle on more than one occasion, first dropping and losing her camera to the rampaging rapids and later getting kidnapped by her pursuers. Pretty boy Drake comes to the rescue though, and after a sending Naverro to a watery grave, the pair—along with a reunited Sully—escapes with a fine bounty of gold to boot. A bit of flirting is observed between our feisty heroine and Drake, though just when it seems the pair are about to seal the deal with a cheeky snog, Sully unwittingly interrupts the tender moment. Doh.

Some years later, Elena would find herself inexorably drawn into Drake’s latest globe-trotting adventures in Nepal while covering the activities of notorious bald baddie, Zoran Lazarveric. After her cameraman Jeff is killed by the warlord, Fisher joins Drake and his latest bit of skirt, Chloe Frazer, on a quest for the Cintamani Stone in a quest that takes them deep into the chilly, perilous mountains of Tibet. Here, the petite blonde surprises Drake by conversing with the local villagers in their native tongue, proving again that she’s a woman of many hidden talents. Their search eventually leads them to the lost city of Shambala, where Drake, Elena and Chloe embark on a hazardous slog through the crumbling ruins and overgrown vegetation, battling against its muscle-bound denizens and the remnants of Lazarveric’s mercenaries. Later on, Elena finds herself severely wounded by a suicidal goodbye from the no-good double-crosser and Lazarveric flunky, Harry Flynn, leaving Chloe to shoulder the responsibility of lugging her around Shambala for the duration of the adventure.

Eventually, Drake goes on to battle Lazarveric on his lonesome while the girls opt to stay behind. Our hero ultimately triumphs, though not before the evil mastermind demonstrates the true power of the cintamani stone, forged from the sap of the mystical Tree of Life that has the power to render a human near invincible. With his adversary brown bread and Shambala now collapsing around them, the trio makes a dash for the exit, a heavily-injured Elena just barely managing to keep up. Upon return to civilization, its touch and go for a minute as the tenacious reporter appears to have kicked the bucket—fortunately though, she pulls through, much to the delight of Drake. After a bit of chinwag, Elena and Drake finally cement their mutual attraction with a kiss—as well as the startling revelation that our brash treasure hunter possesses an unrelenting fear of clowns.

Quite what the future has in store for our explorers remains uncertain, but with Drake gearing up for another mammoth adventure in Uncharted 3, I’ll eat my hat if Elena doesn’t tag along for at least some of the ride. Somehow, I just can’t picture her staying at home washing the dishes, can you?