In the Spotlight: Kevin Ryman

I feel a bit sorry for old Kev. Apart from featuring in what many perceive (unfairly, in my humble opinion) as the red-headed stepchild in the Resident Evil franchise, he doesn’t really get to spread his wings all that much. Sure, he has more important things to worry about—like trying not to end up zombie chow for one—than divulging much about his past, but I for one would have liked to learn more about RE Outbreak’s resident copper. Perhaps that’s why I feel so compelled to give the poor bloke his time in the spotlight in the latest addition of PSU’s character-centric features.

Formally a bobby on the beat as part of the Raccoon Police Department, Ryman’s dedication and strong sense of justice quickly attracted the attention of Chief of Police Brian Irons, securing him a position with the Select Police Force (S.P.F). Standing at 6ft and weighing in at a bulky 196lbs, the perpetually optimistic Ryman is every copper’s dream, and every criminal’s worst nightmare. Off-duty, Kev was known to frequent J’s Bar, where his occasional boozy adventures earned him quite the reputation among the regulars—that, and his penchant for darts, which typically resulted in a humiliating defeat. He was also known for being something of a petrol head, and liked nothing more to indulge in long car trips as well as collecting various memorabilia, such as famous brand steering wheels. A dab hand with a firearm, Kev’s sharpshooting skills are rivalled only by the likes of S.T.A.R.S. members Forest Speyer and Chris Redfield—a fact that no doubt rubs Kev up the wrong way, as he twice tried out for the squad only to fail on both accounts.

Ironically, it was his approachable and all-around nice guy attitude that resulted in him failing to make the S.T.A.R.S. unit, though this didn’t stop him from pouring every ounce of commitment into his current position with the S.P.F. His skills were firmly put to the test in the fall of 1998 however, when on the night of September 24 Ryman found himself embroiled in the T-Virus outbreak of Raccoon City while relaxing with a group of civilians inside J’s Bar.

Surviving the initial zombie onslaught, Ryman and the survivors embark on an arduous slog through the apocalyptic streets and dilapidated buildings of Raccoon, fending off waves of walking corpses and Bio-Organic Weapons (B.O.W.s) in an effort to reach the supposed sanctuary of the R.P.D. Along the way, he and a few others assisted Deputy Chief Raymond Douglas haphazardly erect a makeshift barricade on the streets to slow down the approaching zombies. Douglas, sadly, didn’t survive the encounter.

Prior to reaching the R.P.D., Kevin witnessed the destruction of Main Street after some of his fellow officers successfully managed to detonate the area to slow down the hundreds of zombies encroaching on their position. With the zombie parade temporarily halted, Ryman hitched a ride in an R.P.D. van and arrived at the station. He remained here for a few days alongside a number of other survivors, among which included fellow R.P.D. officers Rita and Marvin Branagh. The trio concocted a plan to escape the prescient by means of a secret tunnel located beneath the fountain in the lobby; Rita navigated the tunnel and went to call for backup while the others –Kev included – remained behind to combat the approaching zombie hordes. Ryman stood firm at the main gate, dispatching waves of flesh-hungry undead before the escape vehicle turned up, though an injured Marvin opted to stay behind. Ryman boarded the van with the rest of the survivors, seemingly escaping town—however, to date his fate remains unconfirmed. Sob.

From a gameplay perspective, Kev’s one of the meatier players out there, packing a mean .45 automatic handgun while everyone else has to work their way up the firearms ladder. Aside from getting more bang for your buck per shot, this weapon is also incredibly powerful when you have Kev perform a ‘pot shot,’ capable of dispatching the likes of zombies and Cerberuses in a single shot while inflicting major injuries to the likes of lickers, hunters and bosses. His imposing physical stature also comes in handy for when you’re low on ammo, with Ryman able to execute a swift kick to the midriff of incoming attackers, if only just to buy you a few precious seconds to get the hell out of Dodge. Easy to use and highly proficient in a variety of firearms, Ryman is an ideal character for beginners and veteran players alike.

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We’ll be putting more characters in the spotlight here at PSU in the near future, so stay tuned.