inFamous flash game jolts browsers

As if a demo and comic strips weren’t enough to spark your interest for Sucker Punch’s upcoming third-person action game, the official browser based mini-game for inFamous launched today. The mini-game, showcasing the gameplay style featured in the PlayStation 3 exclusive, is playable in the browser window on both PC and Mac computers.

The inFamous mini-game, developed by Kerb and hosted exclusively by Spil Games’ online casual game portals, puts you in control of Cole, navigating his way to a power generator located on the roof of an abandoned precinct house in Empire City. You’ll get to battle iconic villains while solving puzzles. As in the PS3 game, your actions are constantly being monitored, providing real-time updates of how your decisions affect Cole’s morality. Remember, how you play the game will dictate the final scenes of the game.

The mini-game is being released by Sony Computer Entertainment Europe in conjunction with Spil Games. It’s available from May 22 to May 29.

You’ll find the game on the following casual game portals: