inFAMOUS: Second Son getting 30 FPS option, HUD removal in future update

An upcoming patch or patches for inFAMOUS: Second Son will add a few options for players seeking to further customize their super-powered Seattle experience.

The options, including the ability toggle the game’s HUD and lock the framerate to 30 frames per second, come in response to a deluge of fan requests. Brian Fleming, Sucker Punch co-founder and Second Son producer, tells PlayStation Blog readers "how much your enthusiasm and support means to us, how it renews us, and readies us to go try to make even better games in the future."

To that end, future updates "in the weeks to come" will also allow you to change the time of day in-game. This option will only be available after finishing the main story, but if you crave the way Neon powers light up the night with eye-searing color, it’s likely a welcome addition. Meanwhile, while Sucker Punch has adopted an internal stance that favors the game’s unlocked framerate (which frequently hits 60 fps), Fleming acknowledges that "some players find it distressing. So we’ll provide a way to ensure the game is not bumping up over 30FPS, if that’s how you prefer to play."

Fleming also hints to unannounced surprises and new content coming alongside the updates.

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