inFAMOUS: Second Son review round-up: the PS4 game you’ve been waiting for?

Sucker Punch’s inFAMOUS: Second Son finally unleashes its superpowers upon retailers tomorrow worldwide, more than a year after it dropped jaws at the PlayStation 4 reveal event in New York City last February.

Featuring sumptuous visuals, a lush open world to explore and an all-new protagonist in Delsin Rowe, Second Son is easily the most anticipated PS4 title of the year so far, and has a lot resting on its super-powered shoulders.

So, with reviews now hitting the web, how does Sucker Punch’s latest effort stack up to its predecessors? Check out our verdict, and then have a gander at what the rest of the Internet had to in our round-up below.

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Destructoid – 9.5
EGM – 9
GameTrailers – 8.8
IGN – 8.7
Game Informer 8.5
GameSpot – 8
NowGamer – 8
OPM – 8
gamesTM  – 7
VideoGamer – 7
DigitalSpy – 3/5
Kotaku – ‘Yes’ – 3/5