inFAMOUS title for PS Vita was canned, says ex-Sony Bend dev

According to an ex-Sony Bend artist, the Uncharted: Golden Abyss developer was working on an inFAMOUS title for PlayStation Vita at one point, though the project was ultimately scrapped.

Athey Moravetz spilled the beans during a series of posts on Reddit, a portable version of inFAMOUS came about after Naughty Dog shot down the proposition of a second Uncharted title for Sony’s handheld.

“We did make an inFAMOUS pitch at one point," she said, before touching base on  Uncharted: "They were worried about franchise burnout with so many games coming out so close together, so they nixed it."

“There was a really awesome futuristic sci-fi one that I really liked," she added. "We had an amazing future city and a character that could run around and scale buildings with these jet boots, and it was awesome."

What does the future for Sony Bend hold? “Hard to say if you should be excited," Moravetz speculated. "There’s a group of super talented guys there […] but there’s a lot of burnout right now; lots of talent has left over the last year."

Rumors have suggested that the studio is working on an open-world horror title, although she wouldn’t be drawn into commenting on this. However, it seems we shouldn’t get our hopes up for a new entry in the Syphon Filter franchise.

“Gabe Logan died at the end of Logan’s Shadow," she said. "[Creative director John] Garvin killed off the main character so that he wouldn’t have to make any more."

It’s worth noting that Moravetz departed Sony Bend around two years ago, at least according to her LinkedIn profile. Still, it’s insightful information, especially considering it seems PS Vita owners were deprived of two potential triple-A titles. 

The latest rumors suggest that the company’s new game will utilize the Unreal Engine.