Infinity Ward talks changing Call of Duty and ‘conservative’ approach to PS4

In an interview with Official PlayStation Magazine UK, Infinity Ward’s Mark Rubin discusses mixing up the Call of Duty formula and also what the PlayStation 4 will bring to the juggernaut FPS series.

When it comes to changing up the Call of Duty gameplay, Rubin likens the series to a sport, stating that, "You can’t change the rules too much you have to sort of live within the boundaries that you created".

When talking about the PS4, Rubin spoke about how Infinity Ward has always approached Call of Duty, saying, "as a company in general, we don’t want to jump onto the tech bandwagon too early. We’re a little bit more conservative with that kind of thing. There is some cool new tech, but some of it we can’t talk about because we are not talking multiplayer yet."

With the first multiplayer details coming in a couple of weeks time, it will be interesting to see how Call of Duty Ghosts is shaping up before its November release on both current and next-generations systems, and the differences between them.

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