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Innovative Survival Horror Adventure ‘Holstin’ Releases Combat Gameplay Trailer For PS4, PS5

Holstin is a survival horror adventure game developed and published by studio Sonka and it is now coming to PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. The game will feature survival horror mechanics such as bullet crafting, inventory management, stealth, and stamina systems. The best part? It is an isometric affair that allows players to trigger an in-game shift to an over the shoulder perspective during play. Check out the gameplay trailer for yourself below:

Holstin is decked out in isometric pixel art and takes place in a Polish town taken over by a mysterious presence. You will have to use your instincts to survive this brutal world. Below is a description found on the game’s Steam page;

Late November 1992. A small, isolated town in eastern Poland is struck by a foul calamity that slowly begins to consume everyone and everything it touches. This is the last known whereabouts of your friend Bartek before he stopped answering your calls. Now, you need to follow in his footsteps to uncover what brought him to this town in the first place and why he possibly couldn’t ever get out.

Explore a Possessed Town

Something is very wrong in the town of Jeziorne-Kolonia. Explore an eerie, isolated 90’s Polish town that has been consumed by something wretched. The streets are overrun by some kind of filthy slime. The people, the buildings, and the wildlife all seem to be slowly deteriorating from the inside. You need to find your lost friend and get out before this town sinks its claws into you too.

Fight and Survive Against Unfathomable Monstrosities

Scavenge for scarce supplies and weapons to fight off the twisted monstrosities now roaming the darkest corners of the town. You’re no hero, but your will to live is still strong enough to get through this living nightmare.

Speak to Locals Slowly Losing Their Sanity

Some questions or puzzles can only be answered by the locals. But they are seldom helpful to outsiders. If you want to understand them, you have to play along with their delusions and understand their inner world. Those still conscious in this void of a town seem like they are suspended between life and death. Their isolated minds slowly edging towards insanity and some of your questions are really starting to get on their shattered nerves…

Classic Visuals with Modern Tricks and Technology

Our custom in-house technology allows us to bring a new spin on the pixel look. Hand-drawn pixel-art environments now brought to life with dynamic lighting and camera rotation letting you explore the world from eight different angles. Just don’t let those shadows play tricks on your mind.

Full Voice Acting in Polish and English

Holstin is fully voiced in both Polish and English. Experience chillingly manic performances that will bring you closer to a slew of deranged characters who have long lost touch with reality.

Although there is no release date for the game as of yet on consoles, you can try out the demo for yourself on PC.

Source: Alpha Beta Gamer