Inside PlayStation Network – Queen Extravaganza Pack 01

The digital delights of Sony’s scrumptious PlayStation Network service know no bounds. Aside from letting punters compete in online gaming, stream films, browse the Internet and more, its premier attraction rests in the copious supply of downloadable games ripe for the picking. From PSN exclusives to PSOne Classics, minis and plain old add-on content, Sony’s online space is chock full of goodies battling it out for your hard-earned digital dollars.

Welcome back to another installment of Inside PlayStation Network, where every Monday – Friday we’ll pluck a PSN release—be it new or old—and put it in the spotlight for a thorough dissection. Fancy getting a new PSN game but don’t know what one to plump for? Perhaps this feature will help. Didn’t realize that a game was available in your region until now? We’ve got you covered. Or, perhaps you were musing over what those lucky Japanese folk were tucking into over in the Land of the Rising Sun? You can be sure our coverage will extend to those rare regional exclusives as much as those firmly embedded on the public consciousness.

Today, we strap on our wigs, grab a mic, and take a nostalgic trip back to the 70s and 80s with the Queen Extravaganza Pack 01 for Rock Band.

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Developer: Harmonix
Region(s) available: North America, Europe
Price: $10.99 (full pack), $1.99 (per song) / £4.99 (full pack), £0.99 (per song)

Queen is a band of such pedigree that it needs little introduction. Formed in 1971, the group became a global phenomenon due to the spine-tingling, vocal dexterity of frontman Freddy Mercury and unrivaled musical virtuosity of bombastic trio Brian May, John Decon and Roger Taylor. With numerous awards to their name plus a staggering 300 million albums flogged worldwide, they are (or rather were, since the group is currently on hiatus following a brief stint with Paul Rodgers), hands down some of the best rockers on the planet.

Still, the band’s success didn’t come without its ups and downs. Indeed, Queen’s rise to fame has been a tumultuous tale of tears, tragedy and triumph, culminating in Mercury’s tragic, premature death from AIDS in 1991. Nonetheless, the band’s legacy lives on. Thanks to the advent of digital technology, Queen has caught the attention of a wave of fresh-faced fans through Harmonix’s rapturously received Rock Band franchise. The Queen Extravaganza Pack 01 is just one of such digital endeavors.

Clocking in at $10.99 USD, the track pack offers a fine introduction to some of the group’s most iconic tracks, plus a few lesser-known numbers, too. First up is the driving ‘Hammer to Fall,’ originally released in 1984 on Queen’s ‘The Works’ record. Penned by guitarist May, the track will give your vocal chords a fine workout and features some muscular riffs to boot. Early live staple ‘Keep Yourself Alive’ rocks up next from the band’s eponymous 1973 debut album, followed by the optimistic roar of ‘Now I’m Here,’ which went on to become one of the group’s most celebrated anthems. After all that you’ll likely need something a little softer, so ‘Play the Game’ should be right up your street, featuring a more delicate, softer vocal requirement.

Moving on, Roger Taylor gets the chance to step out from behind the kit and take lead vocals in Sheer Heart Attack’s rebellious ‘Tenement Funster.’ Rounding out the Extravaganza Pack are a pair of tracks that have become as synonymous with Queen as Bohemian Rhapsody, namely the aural assault of News of the World’s opening numbers, ‘We Will Rock You/We Are The Champions.’ Short, sweet and brimming with vocal muscularity and pulse-pounding drum beat, both tracks should provide a fitting culmination to any hearty Rock Band 3 session. What better way to get a group of friends in a beer-induced sing-along than sticking on these iconic Mercury anthems? Rock on, folks.

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Well, that’s our first week of PSN highlights. Join us again on Monday when we’ll once again take another peak Inside PlayStation Network.