Inside the PlayStation Universe: Steven Chaffin – U.S. Editor (August 17, 2013)

Next up this weekend in Inside the PlayStation Universe is Steven Chaffin, who is coming to you live from his new college residence hall.  Strange times, indeed.  

Name: Steven Chaffin, Jr.

Title: U.S. Editor

What games have you been playing this week?

This week is my first week at college, so I can’t say I’ve had the most time to dedicate towards gaming. In fact, I’ve had next to none. I only brought two games with me to Columbia: Black Ops II so that I can play with my friends back in my hometown, and Battlefield 3, which is one of my favorite games, period. I played Battlefield 3 briefly a couple of days ago, testing out how everything looked in my new room and making sure the internet connection was good. It was. I got a few rounds in, got some kills, and had a blast doing it. After those few rounds an overwhelming exhaustion kicked in, so I turned the PS3 off and called it a night.

What feature, review or piece of news caught your eye on PSU in the last seven days and why?

I was very interested by our article on Resident Evil 7. Capcom says it’ll take the series back to its roots, huh? I feel like I’ve heard that before, and more than one. To be fair, I absolutely loved Resident Evil 4 and consider it to be one of my favorite games to date. I played in on my Gamecube and would play it for hours everyday. Those were good, but not productive, times. Resident Evil 5 was interesting, plenty of fun, but something I never really invested myself in for one reason or another. It didn’t give me the same vibe as its predecessor, and didn’t hook my attention from the get-go. I never even played Resident Evil 6 after reading some pretty horrible reviews. So, I went from being a huge fan of the franchise to being someone who doesn’t play it, period.

All of that said, I would love for Capcom to go back to the series’ roots and create something truly extraordinary. I think they can, and I think that they can get me to spend another 60-bucks on one of their games, along with any DLC they release for it. They can, I’m skeptical that they will. I think the developer has become confused in recent years as to how to innovate the series without destroying what made it so great to so many other people. For me, Resident Evil 4 was awesome because it legitimately had me frightened and I wanted to uncover the game’s mysteries. I was so confused at certain points that it seemed like a crime to stop playing until I pushed through a bit further. Just thinking about it makes me want to play it. I don’t have that with any of the more recent releases.

Here’s to Capcom actually following through and creating an awesome Resident Evil 7. If they don’t, I guess I’ll just go and be productive.

What do you do when you’re not a PSU editor?

If you haven’t guessed, I just started college. I moved into my residence hall, called Hatch, on Wednesday. I was very worried about it at first glance, because it seemed horribly small and I couldn’t imagine how I was going to live in it for a year. Turns out, it’s more than enough space and I’m happier than ever. So, that’s cool. Everything is organized and I’ve been wandering campus trying out the food, meeting new people, and doing cool new things. I’m a little skeptical about the whole institution of college, and am not really sure if my aspirations fit into the mold, but I’m happy to be here and am looking at everything with a positive view.

For these reasons, I haven’t been very active lately. This is a very important transition in my life, so spending all of my time on my computer is probably not the best of ideas. In fact, it’s one of the worst. As I begin to get a college routine down, I should be popping back on more and more, writing and editing the work of my talented colleagues.

Steven Chaffin, Jr. is an American editor for PlayStation Universe.  He reads in his free time and writes for his blog, Runner’s Ravings.