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Insomniac Previews A New Look At Venom Ahead Of San Diego Comic-Con Panel

Insomniac will be at San Diego Comic-Con tomorrow in Hall H with its own panel all about Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, and just ahead of its appearance tomorrow, the studio has previewed a new look at one of the game’s main antagonists, Venom in a recent interview.

The image looks so good that you might think it to be artwork at first, and you wouldn’t be alone in that. What’s extremely exciting however is that Insomniac’s director of community and marketing James Stevenson responded to those believing it to be artwork, including popular Twitter account Shinobi602 by simply saying “Oh ye of little faith.”

You can see the image for yourself, below.

Senior creative director on Spider-Man 2 Bryan Intihar, senior art director Jacinda Chew and senior narrative director Jon Paquette also talked about how Venom’s voice actor Tony Todd really runs away with the role, excelling in everything the team wanted to showcase in the character.

Which, when it comes to the original Candyman, should come as no surprise, especially when considering how iconic a voice Tony Todd has.

Intihar and company also talked about how the symbiote is weaved entirely through the narrative, and how the team wanted to explore very different aspects of Spider-Man than it explored in the first game this time around.

“For us, Venom is the host plus the symbiote, you don’t get Venom without both of them being bonded together. What Tony represents is that bond. I think, if anything, casting Tony made us feel more confident in the visual design of the character.” said Inithar.

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 is due out October 20, 2023 on PS5.

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