Insomniac: PS3 visuals to see leaps for next four years

Brain Hastings, Chief Executive Officer at Insomniac Games, has stated that he believes gamers can expect significant leaps in the visual quality of PlayStation 3 games over the years three or four years.

Speaking to website, Hasting stated, "We’re already seeing a big leap in what people are able to do with the PS3 now compared to a year ago, and we’re going to see just as big a leap between now and the end of 2008.”

"I think we’re going to continue seeing major leaps each year in what people are able to do with the machine for at least three or four more years."

Hastings also discussed the company’s efforts with the PS3 title Ratchet and Clank Future: Tools of Destruction, and its accomplishments at progressing with the consoles architecture compared to last year.

"The amount of action we’re able to put on the screen at 60 frames per second really dwarfs what we were able to do a year ago at 30 frames per second," he said.

“What’s most exciting is the way things are headed right now I think we’ll see just as big a leap from our second generation engine to our third as we did from the first to second."

"Collision and physics are entirely running on SPUs now, which allows us to put much more on the screen at once than we were able to with Resistance. Moving more and more code to the SPUs is an ongoing process and I think we’ll continue to see major benefits from this for several more years."