Introducing PSU’s new Facebook integration

PSU is happy to announce some exciting new Facebook integration changes. By now you have likely seen some of these small changes while looking around the homepage, but we wanted to provide you with some details about these new features. By linking your Facebook account to your PSU account, you will not only have greater integration, but you’ll also have access to the PSU social reader app. Check out the tab on the side to link your accounts.

None of these additions are mandatory, but we strongly suggest all PSU members with Facebook accounts connect via the social reader app. The app captures information about what articles you read on PSU and it uses that information to display suggested PSU articles based on the reading habits of your friends. It’s extremely easy to use and will help you stay up-to-date on the latest PlayStation news. You’ll also be able to see what your friends are reading, which could show you a big review, feature, preview, or news article you may have missed. Again, this is optional and you should only be asked to do it once, but we strongly recommend you sign up.

The registration and comment process have also been drastically simplified. If you aren’t already a member of PSU, you’ll soon find a button on each article post that allows you to login and comment through your Facebook account. This essentially cuts your registration process down to three clicks and will encourage more visitors to sign up for PSU and to comment on our articles.

You’ll soon have the ability to have the articles you read on PSU show up on your Facebook timeline for your friends to check out. This feature will be added in a few days, so look for that additional feature soon.

These additions are a part of PSU’s efforts to create a more connected and a better site for our users. You will always get the latest PlayStation news, reviews of the hottest games and products, interviews, and event coverage, but our new Facebook integration will help you find and share that content with your friends much easier.

We have more changes in store at PSU, including additional Facebook functionality, but we hope our loyal members check out these new features and share the experience with their friends. If you have questions, drop us a note below or in the forums. Log in and join the conversations.

The PSU Team