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IO Interactive Announces Ex-Massive Entertainment Dev As Mission Director For Project 007

Rodrigo Santoro, a former employee at The Division developer Massive Entertainment, has joined IO Interactive‘s Project 007 as the game’s mission director.

Speaking on his new position at IO Interactive, Santoro expressed his passion for working on the James Bond adventurer, and is committed to deliver the ‘best 007 game ever made.’

I am super excited to join IOI. I admire how the studio dares to innovate and create new memorable game experiences. This is particularly remarkable in times when most companies are focused on making sequels. Project 007 got my attention since the day it was announced, and I feel incredibly fortunate to work with the team making the game. I was able to see more of the game and there is already something unique about it.

Most importantly, every conversation that I have had so far with team members has shown the team is passionate about delivering a memorable and unique experience. Right now, I am looking forward to start working with the team, and together, delivering the best 007 game ever made.

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Project 007 is still in the early stages of production and is currently without a release date. However, back in November last year the CEO of IO Interactive described the project as the ‘ultimate spycraft fantasy,’ and later revealed that it would be open to making multiple Jame Bond games.

[Source – IO Interactive]