Irem making Spelunker for PS3, Disaster Report for PSP

Irem, creators of the classic R-Type series and (more recently) Steambot Chronicles, has unveiled four new titles for PlayStation platforms.

The PlayStation 3 is being treated to a remake of 8-bit classic Spelunker, a cave-trotting platformer released for the Atari 400 in 1983. Minna De Spelunker will feature graphics from either side of 2000, so if you’re sick of that newfangled third dimension you’ll be able to tackle the game in wonky old 2D. The remake supports four-strong multiplayer on a single screen, and will be available on PlayStation Network this winter.

PlayStation Portable owners meanwhile can look forward to a sequel to PlayStation 2 classic Disaster Report, a survival thriller set in the ruins of an earthquake-stricken city. As in the original, the idea is to make your way to safety while dodging falling buildings, rifts, fires and panicky former residents. You can expect four-strong multiplayer here too, plus real-life earthquake survival tips and a new mechanic which simulates the effects of stress. The game is due out in Japan next year.

Irem is also kicking out two new IPs for Sony’s beefy handheld, both slated for Japanese release this winter. The first is Tales of the Failed Hero (loosely translated), a role-playing game which sports 10 characters and 40 classes or jobs. Apparently the relationships you form with party members will determine how well they perform in battle – fudge things up with an ally and they might well smack you round the chops instead of the enemy.

Last but not least, there’s Hototogisu: Ran, a card-based strategy game set in the medieval Japanese era much beloved of KOEI. Players take turns to put cards into action, though apparently you can also move without waiting for your opponent to take their turn — work that one out. Weather is a factor, too, with rivers flooding under heavy rain and guns becoming inoperable.

Thanks to Gamespot for the news.