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Ironwood Studio’s New Driving-Survival Adventure Pacific Drive Comes To PS5 In 2023

Pacific Drive is a brand new driving survival game from Ironwood Studios, a survival game where the only way to stay alive is to keep your engine running.

“As long as you keep it running, it will protect you from the surrounding dangers.” writes Blake Dove, communications and marketing specialist at Ironwood Studios on the PlayStation Blog.

Pacific Drive was showcased during Tuesday evening’s State Of Play, with a trailer that provided a small peak into the eerie world of “the Zone.”

After finding yourself stuck in the Zone, and lucking out into finding a station wagon able to make it to the closest auto shop, you’ll have to manage radiation and plenty of strange anomalies in order to find a way out.

Your garage acts as a base of operations, so you do have some safety there. But every trip outside is new and dangerous, as the land changes with each storm.

We don’t have an idea on when Pacific Drive might release beyond 2023, but for now you can check out the reveal trailer here.

Source – [PlayStation Blog]