Is Apple ripping off the DualShock controller?

A new patent today published by Apple may be, at long last, answering the prayers of long-time iOS gamers who are tired of using a touch screen to control their favorite games.

GameRevolution has reportedly discovered an Apple patent filed in March that sees a very familiarly-designed controller being able to communicate and interact with various iOS devices, such as iPhones, iPods and Apple TVs.

The image below is a schematic of what the proposed “controller” will look like. Now, let’s think; where have we seen this before?

In the patent are plans to have this controller sync up with the already-available Apple TV set-top box, which has the ability to stream iOS games from your iDevice to your television.

It’s important to remember that not everything that gets patented sees the light of day. However, it seems odd that Apple would blindly recreate Sony’s DualShock Controller design; isn’t Apple supposed to be a company that thrives on innovation? Just take a look at those “Start” and “Select” buttons!

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