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Is Fable Coming To PS5?

Is Fable Coming To PS5? – The funny and narratively rich fantasy adventure games of the Fable series have long been regarded as wonderful experiences.

Experiences that only Xbox and PC players have been privy to. Fable’s console exclusivity kept it away from anyone who only had a PlayStation at home.

Still, that hasn’t stopped players from constantly asking, is Fable coming to PS5? Will Fable be coming to PlayStation?

Find out here.

Is Fable Coming To PS5?

The short answer is no. Fable as an IP is owned by Microsoft and Xbox Game Studios, and the current iteration is being developed by XGS own Playground Games.

It’s been an Xbox console-exclusive IP since its dawn, so it is unlikely that the latest game, or any of the previous titles, will be coming to PS5 and PlayStation platforms.

However the long answer is more interesting as a really big “maybe.” Rumours have been circling that Microsoft is changing its business strategy in games.

The alleged big change, it will no longer publish games exclusively for Xbox and PC. All games developed by its first-party studios will come to PlayStation and other platforms.

That means Fable, Halo, Gears Of War, Hi-Fi Rush, Sea Of Thieves. All those games and more could be coming to PlayStation.

At time of writing none of this has been confirmed. Xbox has mostly been mum on the subject, other than Phil Spencer saying that the team will speak on things soon.

If the rumours are true, the games industry will be forever changed.