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Is Forza Motorsport Coming To PS5?

Is Forza Motorsport Coming To PS5? – While players on PlayStation have always had Gran Turismo to get their racing simulation fix, players on Xbox and PC have had the Forza Motorsport series.

It’s a franchise that’s now on its eight mainline entry, which arrived on PC and Xbox consoles last year. Forza Motorsport and Gran Turismo have always offered their own flavour of racing-sim gameplay, and true fans of the genre find things to love about both.

But the only way to play both of them is to have both an Xbox and PlayStation console. A pickle that has prompted PlayStation players to ask, is Forza Motorsport coming to PS5? Will Forza Motorsport come to PlayStation?

Find out below.

Is Forza Motorsport Coming To PS5?

The short answer is no, Forza Motorsport will not be coming to PS5. It’s an IP owned by Microsoft and Xbox, developed by Turn10 and Playground Games, both studios owned and operated by Microsoft and Xbox Game Studios.

That means just like how you wouldn’t expect to see Insomniac release a Spider-Man game on Xbox, it’s doubtful Forza Motorsport will come to PlayStation.

However the longer answer to this question, at time of writing, is a huge maybe.

Rumours have been circling that Microsoft will begin releasing the games developed by its in-house, first-party studios on all console platforms, not just on Xbox.

What’s more is that Phil Spencer has said that he, and the rest of the Xbox team are planning a “business update” to let fans in on their “vision for the future of Xbox.”

We still don’t know exactly what that means, but if the rumours are true then it could be the case that any Xbox Game Studios developed title is potentially coming to PlayStation.

With Gran Turismo having a thriving community of players on PlayStation, it could be that Forza Motorsport would find its own player-base on PlayStation as well.

For the fans that maybe already like Gran Turismo, and want something new. Or for anyone who perhaps doesn’t like Gran Turismo, but never had an Xbox around to try Forza Motorsport.

Whatever the case, we’ll have to wait for Phil’s word.