Ironsight PS4

Is Ironsight PS4 Coming Out This Year?

ironsight ps4 screenshot

Ironsight PS4, is it possible?

Gamigo released Ironsight, the online military free to play shooting game in February 2018. It immediately became popular and garnered positive feedback from the gaming world. Unfortunately, Ironsight is currently only available for PC. However, with its ultra-realistic first-person control and combat zones, no wonder the developer received a lot of requests from gamers across the globe to have an Ironsight PS4 version.

ironsight ps4 screenshot

Why You Should Be Excited About Ironsight PS4

  • It has the first combined FPS gameplay and technologically advanced arsenal and combat skills.
  • It has a futuristic setting in 2025. In fact, its story-line is similar to some the issues in the real world today – a war for the last natural resources of the earth. Get ready for some advanced warfare between North Atlantic Forces (NAF) and the Energy Development Enterprise Network (EDEN).
  • The Active Combat Zones. Choose among 14 dynamic and original combat zones. Explore different terrains, interact with items, destroy roads and experience different climates.
  • Customized High-End Weaponry – Show your personality and style as a shooter! Choose and customize over 100 weapons, including snipers, shotguns, SMGs and more.
  • Lots of unlockable items – You can unlock and claim weapons and character skins as rewards from each mission completed. Make them your goal and play how you want to play.
  • Drone Operation – If you are dreaming of flying a drone, this game makes it come true. You can choose from its wide collection of drones. Fly them over the combat zone and use them strategically to locate enemies and execute attacks.
  • Finally, you can join its Online Community. Compete with players around the globe and prove you are the best shooter. You can join clans and increase your world rank to become an Ironsight legend.

Can We Expect Ironsight On Consoles?

So is Ironsight PS4 really coming? Though the Ironsight account has tweeted that they have no plans yet of creating Ironsight for consoles, they are not closing the doors on the possibility of its release on PS4. With its high demand from gamers and increasing popularity, we will not be surprised if we hear more about it later this year.

Check back for Ironsight updates here, and we’ll be the first to let you know. In the meantime, check out these other free games for PS4.