Is PS4 getting a sequel to Demon’s Souls?

Retailer has posted a listing for Demon’s Souls 2 for PlayStation 4.

It’s worth pointing out that while nothing official has been announced in regards to a sequel to Demon’s Souls, CDON at least has a reliable history. The site previously leaked the then-unannounced Gran Turismo 6 earlier this year, which of course was formally revealed just before E3.

Then again, the site also states that Dead Rising 3 is coming to PS4 too; Capcom’s zombie killer was previously announced as an Xbox One-exclusive at E3.

The original Demon’s Souls was a PS3-exclusive developed by From Software, and hit stores in 2009. The game spawned the spiritual successor Dark Souls in 2011, and a sequel for that game is already in development.

We advise you to digest this latest news bite with a pinch of salt until we hear otherwise.

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