Is RSX inferior or superior to the 7800GTX?

It all started when a jumpy editor from 'the Inquirer' posted a sensational heading at their website claiming PS3's GPU created by Nvidia, the RSX is slightly less powerful than their very own PC counterpart, the 7800GTX. Within hours of its publication, all hell broke loose.

Later the article claimed the source of the news to be a forum member at Evil Avatar. And this undefined source supposedly read and copied the claim from a printed version of PSM, a sister magazine to the Official Playstation Magazine.

Team Xbox, a site owned by the IGN network, was one of the first to jump on believing the Inquirer story. Going as far as ending their version of the article with an extremely cocky line, " The next-generation begins with the Xbox 360. Don't you forget!"
The website being the haven for Xbox fans was quickly quoted all over the internet. Nvidia took immediate notice of the situation and probably understood the result of the aftermath if they let it be. Within moments, their Public Relations Director contacted Team Xbox to set the record straight, once and for all.

The following is what it says now on the Team Xbox website. "NVIDIA contacted us today after we published the "PlayStation 3 GPU Less Powerful than GeForce 7800" story based on a report found at The Inquirer. Derek Perez, Nvidia's Director of Public Relations, was kind enough to provide us the actual paragraph from the September issue of PSM. Here is the information from the blurb in question:

There's no doubting that NVIDIA's new 7800GTX is the ultimate in PC graphics technology. The card's G70 GPU, which is more than twice as powerful as two of NVIDIA's previous top-of-the-line 6800 boards, shares a lot of similar workings with the PS3's RSX chip – only it isn't as fast. Oh, and it retails for $599.

The article actually says the Geforce 7800GTX is not as fast as the RSX graphics processing unit that Nvidia developed for the Playstation 3.

We apologize for any confusion and we'd like to thank Nvidia for providing the exact info."

And with this the facts are now seperated from fiction and the story came to an end. Just as Nvidia stated, RSX is more powerful and advanced than the 7800GTX, their fastest desktop GPU offering to date. Respective editors from Evil Avatar, The Inquirer and Team Xbox were not approached for comments and neither were we interested anymore.