Is Timberborn Coming To PS4? Is Timberborn Coming To PS5 And PS4? Is Timberborn Coming To PS5? Mechanistry PlayStation PS4 PS5 Sony Timberborn Timberborn PS4 Timberborn PS5

Is Timberborn Coming To PS5, PS4?

Is Timberborn Coming To PS5, PS4? – The latest building simulator coming to PC has an adorable twist in that you’re building a colony for beavers who’ve outlived humanity and are thriving once more, but will you get to create your own post-apocalyptic beaver paradise on PS5 and PS4?

Is Timberborn Coming To PS5, PS4?

As it currently stands, no, it does not look like Timberborn will be coming to PS5 or PS4. Though it is not all bad news, because the simple truth is just that the developers haven’t said one way or the other about if they’ll do a console version of the game at all. So that does mean we could just need to wait a little for the announcement to come, if it is at least.

The game is also currently in early access, so who knows what more will happen for the game and its developers Mechanistry from now until we see Timberborn have its full launch. That’s all to say it’s not an impossibility to one day hear about a Timberborn console version.

Timberborn – What Is It?

Timberborn is a city building simulator where you play as beavers, using what’s left of humanity after they’ve squandered the gifts the world gave them. The beavers, learning from humanity’s mistakes do what they can to treat the Earth with care, while making it their home and building to create a sustainable future for all beavers.