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It Looks Like Ubisoft Will Reveal The Crew 3 Tomorrow

The Crew 3 has yet to be officially revealed, though it looks like Ubisoft has just begun telling those who’ve asked that a reveal is in fact coming – tomorrow!

Through the official Twitter account for The Crew 2, Ubisoft tweeted out to a popular Crew 2 streamer “Tomorrow. 5PM UTC/9AM PST.”

It did the same thing again in response to another content creator predicting that The Crew 3 would be announced this year.

Those are the only two tweets where the reveal time is referred to, and there isn’t anything else from the account about what could be happening tomorrow.

However with rumours already pointing to a reveal coming soon just days before this, it wouldn’t be a huge surprise to see a brand new reveal trailer for The Crew 3 or whatever it’ll be titled before tomorrow’s end.

According to the latest rumours, this third mainline entry will be called The Crew Motorfest, though we’ll see if that’s the case by tomorrow, hopefully.

Source – [VGC]