Japan: Hardware sales down, PSP continues to beat 3DS

Japanese hardware sales have taken a bit of a tumble in the last week or so, though one thing hasn’t changed – PSP is continuing to batter Nintendo’s 3DS in the weekly chart battle.

Sony’s slab sold 34,655 units for the period ended May 15, beating 3DS’ effort of 18,324 units over the same time frame.

Meanwhile, PlayStation 3 managed to stay one step ahead of the Wii, with Sony’s flagship box moving 13,789 units compared to the Wii’s 6,336. As mentioned though, overall hardware sales were down significantly in comparison to previous weeks. 

Check out the full numbers below.

PSP: 34,655 (54,882)
3DS: 18,324 (29,149)
PS3: 13,789 (20,883)
Wii: 6,336 (11,520)
DSi LL: 5,358 (10,519)
DSi: 5,292 (8,708)
X360: 2,763 (3,419)
PS2: 1,319 (1,696)
DS Lite: 208 (289)
PSP go: 171 (258)